Developer:Scopely, Inc.

Size: 100 MB

Version: 1.1.0/1.1.0

Updated: Apr 19, 2023 

Rating: 5. 0

Category: Single Player


Experience the classic board game Monopoly on your mobile device with MONOPOLY GO. This fast-paced game is a simplified version of the traditional game, making it perfect for both new and experienced players. The game retains the essential mechanisms of the original gameplay, but the total game time has been reduced to just 30 minutes, adding more excitement and fun.

To play, each player selects a token and places it on the “Go” space. Players take turns rolling the dice and moving their token. If a player lands on a property that is not yet owned, they have the option to buy it at the listed price. If they choose not to buy it, the property goes up for auction and other players can bid on it. If a player lands on a property owned by another player, they must pay rent to the owner based on the value of the property.

MONOPOLY GO comes with exciting features, such as modern twists on classic gameplay, buying and building your own path to the top, playing with family and friends, daily new opportunities, attacking and stealing to win, and amazing rewards and prizes. The game is free to play, so you don’t need to purchase it to play.

To succeed in MONOPOLY GO, it’s important to manage your money, invest in properties, build houses and hotels on those properties, and use power-ups to your advantage. Keep an eye on your opponents and have more money than them to win the game.

Overall, MONOPOLY GO is a fun and engaging game that you can play against others. Give it a try and enjoy the excitement of this classic board game on your mobile device.


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