Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash App

Developer: RobTop Games

Size: 87 MB

Version: 2.111/2.11

Updated: November 15, 2017

Rating: 4.0

Category: Action

About Geometry Dash App

Geometry Dash is a thrilling runner platformer game that combines the challenges of Flappy Bird and The Impossible Game. Your goal is to navigate through obstacles by jumping, flipping, and flying while testing your decision-making skills. The game can be frustrating and difficult for beginners, but there are some tried-and-tested hacks that can help you overcome its challenges.

You start as a hop-happy icon and must complete all levels in one go without making any mistakes. The game becomes more difficult in the warp zone, where your icon transforms into a mini spaceship and the controls change to mimic Flappy Bird’s gameplay.

Here are some hacks to improve your gameplay:

– Watch out for spikes and remember where you last finished to advance effectively.
– Avoid secret coins that may lead you off the standard path and make the level harder to complete.
– Hold down your fingers on the screen to ace consecutive challenges and remove your fingers to avoid landing on spikes.
– Practice maneuvering the rocket in the wrap zone and keep it in the middle of your screen for proper control.
– Collect boosters like springers and sparkles to improve your gameplay.

Remember that the game requires practice and patience. Take advantage of the Practice mode to improve your control of the game commands and enjoy this fun and challenging single-player platformer game.

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