Don’t Starve : Pocket Edition

Don’t Starve : Pocket Edition App

Developer: Klei Entertainment

Size: 387M/1 GB

Version: 5.9.2/5.9.2

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Rating: 5. 0

Category: Action

About Don’t Starve : Pocket Edition App

Don’t Starve Pocket Edition is an engaging survival game that can keep you occupied for hours.

A young scientist is trapped in a strange world filled with insects, creatures, pig men and other horrors. You must help the survivor avoid starving to death or being left alone in the dark.

Everything in the game wants to kill you. You must evade bees, monsters and lack of food. Starving is very easy.

As a newcomer, you may think you have time to adjust but you will starve faster than expected. It’s wise to act quickly.


– uncompromising level of survival and exploration with no help or instructions

– realistic yet whimsical 2D and 3D graphics of characters and creatures

– randomly generated new worlds if you get bored

To play, each map has strengths and weaknesses. Your primary job is to feed yourself:

Tip 1: Kill small fish and animals

Tip 2: Manage your resources like food. Time is limited.

Tip 3: Avoid enemies by running away instead of fighting in the first week.

Don’t Starve Pocket Edition has gotten several nominations for its challenging gameplay and bugs. It transports you to a wilderness zone if you like a challenge. It combines science and magic.

Don’t Starve : Pocket Edition App

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