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Version: 4.53.0

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Rating: 4.1

Category: Finance

About Green Dot App

The Green Dot app is a mobile banking application that can be used on many mobile devices. When it comes to managing accounts, mobile banking is one of the most time and effort saving options available. This includes everything from viewing balances to making deposits. The Green Dot app allows users to access and handle their money from practically anywhere at any time. Savings made using the app can be placed in a Green Dot High Savings Account, where users can receive interest rates of up to 3% per year. They can also get 2% cash back when they shop online or via apps.


If you choose to receive your pay and governmental benefits through early direct deposit, you can receive them up to two days and four days earlier, respectively.

No minimum balance requirement.

Get access to a network of free ATMs. There are restrictions imposed.

Overdraft protection of up to $200 if the customer opts in and their direct deposit is eligible.

Receive a cash back bonus of 2% on all purchases made through mobile device or internet.

Put your savings into a Green Dot High-Yield Investments Account and earn annual interest (APY) on those savings at a rate that is 20 times greater than the average rate offered by other financial institutions, up to a maximum value of $10,000!


The Green Dot app is a mobile banking application that enables customers to conveniently manage their Green Dot debit card and bank account whenever and wherever they choose. The app allows users to manage their day-to-day finances, get cash back, pay bills, and access a variety of additional features that are available across the collection of Green Dot cards.

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