Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run App

Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Size: 120 MB/210.4 MB

Version: 3.0.27/3.0.27

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Rating: 4. 0

Category: Action

About Super Mario Run App

Super Mario Run is a unique game featuring Mario that can be played using one hand. Players use taps to control the character and perform actions such as stylish jumps, wall jumps, and midair spins. The objective is to collect coins and achieve goals in the four available modes: Remix 10, Kingdom Builder, Toad Rally, and World Tour. In World Tour mode, players can jump and rescue Princess Peach while traveling through various settings such as caverns, airships, castles, and ghost houses. The Remix 10 mode has ten short courses and players can find Daisy, while Toad Rally enables them to compete against friends and other players globally. In Kingdom Builder mode, players build their own kingdoms with buildings and decorations.

Super Mario Run offers unique gameplay and four game modes, each with its own objectives and features. Players can collect coins, decorations, and rewards while playing as different characters such as Toadette, Yoshi, and Luigi. They can hone their jumping skills and learn different types of jumps such as short jumps, high jumps, and hit jumps. Players can also use the bubble button to move back and hit the question mark bricks to get more bubbles. They can unlock other characters such as Luigi, Peach, and Toad and build their own kingdoms with hundreds of items.

To succeed in Super Mario Run, players need to practice and improve their jumping skills. They can also take a pause to observe their surroundings and develop a strategy. Collecting pink coins and replacing them with superior ones can also help players progress faster. By following these strategies, players can dominate the game and help others with their winning tactics.

Super Mario Run App

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