Going Balls

Going Balls App

Developer: Supersonic Studios LTD

Size: 161.48 MB

Version: 1.49/1.1.72

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Rating: 4. 0

Category: Casual

About Going Balls App

Going Balls is an action-packed game that offers exciting adventures through crazy levels. The objective is to move the ball from the beginning to the end while navigating through obstacles. The game features a wacky and wild world that will challenge your strategic skills at advanced levels. With 1000 levels, players can enjoy a variety of exciting challenges. Beginners may think it’s easy, but obstacles will make the journey complex. The key is to plan every step, move the ball safely, and avoid obstacles to dominate the game.

The gameplay of Going Balls is simple but challenging. Players must move the ball on the platform, but the journey will be complex due to various obstacles. To win the game, players must stay safe and progress through each level by rolling the ball intelligently, avoiding pitfalls, and obstacles. Players can control the ball’s speed and direction using swipes and arrow keys.

The game is easy to play, but players must be careful to win. The goal is to move the ball from beginning to end while staying safe and crossing obstacles. Players can collect coins, keys, and rewards to buy new balls, unlock treasure chests, and regain lives. The game also features checkpoints where players can resume their game if they fall off the edge.

To enjoy the game, players should plan every move, check their speed, and focus on epic challenges. By observing obstacles and surroundings, players can roll their ball safely, avoid mistakes, and make fast improvements. Moving too fast can cause players to lose control, so it’s essential to move slowly and control the ball when danger is nearby. Players can achieve more by focusing on epic challenges that offer exciting and sharper gameplay.

In conclusion, Going Balls is an entertaining and easy-to-play game that offers exciting adventures through complex levels. Players can have fun and challenge their strategic skills to dominate the game. By following these steps, players can enjoy the game and share their experience with others.

Going Balls App

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