Fishdom App

Developer: Playrix

Size: 147.85 MB/297.4 MB

Version: 7.12.0/7.1.2

Updated: March 13, 2023

Rating: 5. 0

Category: single player

About Fishdom App

Fishdom is an underwater-themed match 3 puzzle game from Playrix. The goal is simple: complete the match 3 levels to earn currency and rewards to build and decorate your own aquarium with talking fish pets.

The relaxing gameplay style hides the challenge of the many levels. Simply watching your fish interact can be entertaining due to the game’s graphics, music and sounds.

However, puzzle games require strategy, so newcomers may struggle at first. Here are some tips:

Match 4 or more pieces instead of 3 to clear obstacles faster and match pieces near objectives. Take time to plan your strategy before each level instead of rushing in.

If you dislike your initial tiles, restart the level for free before making any moves. Getting a good start is crucial.

Feed your healthy fish (not red) to earn bonus coins up to 10 per fish. The fish food icon appears for a limited time.

Fill up your aquarium’s beauty level by spending 1000+ coins on fish and decorations for bonus coins and stars. Stars buy new fish tanks. Avoid selling decorations which lower your beauty points.

These tricks can help new players master the controls and move through levels effectively to build your dream aquarium. Restarting difficult levels using these hacks could help you complete them.

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