Developer: ZEDGE

Size: 83.6 MB

Version: 7.50.3

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Rating: 4.6

Category: Personalization

About ZEDGE App

ZEDGE gives you access to a wide selection of wallpapers as well as a large number of ringtones that are of high quality. It is simple to personalize your phone with high-definition wallpaper, stunning ringtones, and unique alarm sounds.ZEDGE provides you with a wide variety of ringtones and wallpapers from which you can select the one that best suits your needs.When it comes to wallpapers, having ZEDGE on hand eliminates the need for any other wallpaper apps.There is no limit to the number of free backdrops that can be used to support the many standard screen sizes.You have the option of applying wallpapers to either the home screen or the lock screen, or you can select to apply wallpapers to both screens at the same time.



There is no need to search for additional wallpaper apps. An unending variety of free backdrops, compatible with the most popular screen resolutions, is provided here.

Full HD wallpapers and 4K wallpapers can be used as background images, and both are supported.

Would you rather have a wallpaper for your phone that is pink or one that is black? You’ve got it!

The ability to add wallpapers to either the home screen, the lock screen, or both screens at the same time as an option.

The choice to have the background automatically change to a new image at predetermined intervals.

Apply fun filters and select from a wide variety of stickers to create your own unique background.

Live Wallpapers

Picture your home screen having some cool video effects playing in the background at all times. You’ve got it!

Our live wallpapers won’t run down your battery because they only activate themselves once when your home screen is activated.

There is no need to install any additional new live wallpapers because the feature is already included within the app.

Comprehensive collection of high-caliber live wallpapers catering to a variety of preferences.


There is no need to search for additional ringtone apps. An unending variety of free ringtones, including music, effects, and hilarious tones to choose from. The most comprehensive collection of free ringtones available anywhere on the internet.

The ability to customize the ringtones, alarm noises, and default ringtone for each individual contact. Set a hip ringtone as their default for your mother or sister.


ZEDGE is the most popular phone personalization app in the world, and as such, it provides a wide variety of aesthetically pleasing wallpapers, live wallpapers, and icons, in addition to stunning ringtones, notification sounds, and some unique paid content. These amazingly useful materials are applicable to everyone and to every situation. ZEDGE will give your phone the look and personality you want, regardless of whether you are pleased or frustrated, whether it is a birthday or a holiday, and regardless of the occasion. There are millions of free ringtones, desktop backgrounds, alarm sounds, and notification sounds just waiting for you to download.

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