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Updated: Nov 18, 2022

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About Wyze App

The Wyze app is a control app for smart homes that enables customers to link their houses to their mobile devices. Users can do this through the Wyze app. Customers have the power to create the ideal smart home for their own families by virtue of this feature. The Wyze app functions as the primary point of coordination for all Wyze-compatible hardware. When both the Wyze Cam and Wyze Thermostat are linked to the Wyze app, users have full access to all of their Wyze devices from the palm of their hand.

If the Wyze app is downloaded and installed on a user’s mobile device, they can manage their Wyze devices from anywhere in the world. Customers can, for instance, use the Wyze app on their mobile device to live stream 1080p full HD video and have a chat using the built-in speaker and microphone. Users may also browse the Wyze store and watch highlight videos shot by other community members without leaving the app.



On the Discover tab, community members can share amusing footage that they have captured with their Wyze Cams.This information is available to other users in the Wyze network.


Using the app’s shop feature, customers may buy Wyze products without ever leaving the app, and their purchases will be associated with their Wyze account.


The Wyze app allows users to share content with their loved ones by granting them access to their devices.

On the page that is solely devoted to events, users have the opportunity to watch Event Videos, which are condensed video segments that last no more than 12 seconds and are activated in response to either action or sound.


Users of the notification system have the opportunity to receive rapid alerts whenever motion or sound is detected thanks to the capabilities of the system. Users have the ability to turn notifications on and off for their own devices using the toggle button.


A smarter place to live can be achieved through the use of an application called Wyze. The majority of people are able to afford the high-tech things that Wyze manufactures. The company’s popularity may be attributed, in large part, to the high quality of its offerings as well as the competitiveness of its pricing, which is designed with the customer in mind. Wyze is able to assist you in creating a more intelligent house that will benefit not only you but also your family.
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