Developer: WeatherBug

Size: 218.6 MB

Version: 5.49.0-42

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Rating: 4.7

Category: Weather

About WeatherBug App

There has never been a time when using radar weather applications was simpler or more straightforward. Join the millions of people who already use WeatherBug, and always be prepared for whatever the weather brings. Since the year 2000, WeatherBug has been offering trustworthy meteorological information to you and your loved ones.

The pollen count and the heat index are just two of the pieces of data that are included in WeatherBug’s comprehensive package of information. Our weather widgets allow you to obtain the information you want to view on your home screen while also setting notifications at the same time. This is all possible thanks to the flexibility of our widgets.


WeatherBug gives its users the ability to receive quick Spark Lightning Alerts, which can assist them in being ready for potentially dangerous weather conditions such as thunderstorms.

The name of the weather map that is included in WeatherBug is called 18 Animated Maps, and it gives you a lot of different forecasting options to choose from.

As the company with the largest and most weather stations in the United States and Canada that are designed for professional use, WeatherBug has established itself as the preeminent weather network in the world of weather apps.

Users can gain access to international weather forecasts regardless of where they are located in the world. In addition, the Home Link function of WeatherBug makes it incredibly simple to link the device to a smart thermostat that is installed in the home.

The user experience that WeatherBug provides has been improved by giving clients the ability to personalize the weather information that they receive to meet their specific needs. In addition, it is able to generate lifestyle forecasts, which can be of assistance in the planning of extracurricular activities such as golf, sports, and other activities.

Get yourself organized and ready. Educate Yourself Before Hand When compared to other services, WeatherBug notifies you to impending weather conditions the quickest and gives you with the most comprehensive weather information possible. You also have the ability to customize the weather widgets that appear on your website when you use WeatherBug.


WeatherBug is powered by the largest and most professional-grade network of commercial weather stations in the world, it is able to provide the quickest weather alerts, including warnings, watches, and notifications from NOAA and the NWS. This allows it to provide the most accurate weather forecasts possible. Additionally, it is the network that powers Weather Underground. This gives it the ability to give the most accurate weather forecasts possible.

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Apps Like WeatherBug App


Thermometer is an application that can be downloaded for free and is mostly used to determine the temperature both indoors and outside. Thermometer keeps track of the data by utilizing only the sensors on your phone, which helps save your battery in a significant way. The application also records and displays additional indications such as humidity and wind speed, in addition to providing a weather forecast. In addition to this, it displays the temperature of the battery in real time and offers an alternative for more accurate tuning.

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel’s mobile application is currently the most popular weather app available anywhere in the world. Its goal is to become the most advanced weather application available in the market.


The weather application known as AccuWeather is a form of minute-by-minute precipitation forecast tool. AccuWeather provides you with the most recent weather reports and conditions that are available.

Because AccuWeather can be readily hyper-localized to your particular street address, you won’t need to be concerned about the prediction for your immediate area. One tap on your mobile phone is all it takes to get the latest and most accurate weather information from AccuWeather, and you can get this information whenever and wherever you want.

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