Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga App

Developer: king

Size: 87M/299.1 MB

Version: 4.7.127/5.1.51

Updated: Feb 24, 2023/ Mar 2, 2023

Rating: 4. 0

Category: Casual

About Candy Crush Saga App

Candy Crush Saga is a popular match-3 puzzle game that offers simple gameplay, making it accessible to everyone. Players can match, pop, and move candies to progress to the next level and blast candies for a sugar rush and bonuses. Quick and effective actions can lead to tasty candy combos, and planning every move can help avoid mistakes. Lollipop hammers can be used to cross sticky puzzles, blast chocolate and jam, and collect candy juices. The game has both easy and challenging puzzles and offers different game modes such as Clear the Jelly, Collect Ingredients, and Target Score.

The game has thousands of matching puzzles, and new weekly puzzles are added regularly. Players can spin the daily booster wheel and earn rewards such as lollipop hammers and other prizes. However, players must match puzzles within a specified time to win the game. The game can be played online or offline and can be enjoyed with friends.

Candy Crush Saga is an easy-to-play game that can entertain players of all ages. Players can start from the bottom and find significant matches, look for bigger matches, and create special candies for more benefits at higher levels. Players can avoid game-suggested moves and observe the game to find better matches. Fish-shaped candies can be saved for challenging levels, and edges should be matched first in jelly levels.

To perform better in Candy Crush Saga, players should match more candies, combine four, five, or six candies to create different types of candies and get combos, avoid in-game suggestions, and save boosters for higher levels. Overall, Candy Crush Saga is an entertaining match-3 puzzle game that players can explore and win with proven strategies.

Candy Crush Saga App

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