Truth Social


Developer: Social Hubs

Size: 18.4 MB

Version: 5.18.76

Updated: May 18, 2022

Rating: 3.7

Category: Social

About Truth Social App

The Truth Social app is a social media platform that is completely free of charge and allows users to communicate with one another. Truth Social can be compared to a massive outdoor tent in which people from all over the United States who hold a variety of viewpoints can come together to discuss their perspectives. It provides a social experience comparable to that of Twitter, and it encourages an open, free, and honest dialogue on a global scale.


Make Connections With People Who Share Your Values.

Truth For members of the MAGA community, the most important app is social media. Make new friends, expand your network, and search for the person who will complete you.


Complete end-to-end encryption with no use of algorithms. Connecting with others should be the primary goal of social media, in our opinion.

Explore An Infinite Amount Of Content That Is Crafted Specifically For You

A feed that is customized for you based on what you see, what you like, and what you share. Truth Social Media provides you with content that is not only informative but also entertaining, and it will make your day.

Let Your Passions Guide You

This app was developed with the MAGA community in mind specifically. Nevertheless, you can investigate subjects and concepts that are completely new to you!

Global MAGA Chat

The global chat on Truth Social Media allows users to communicate with others located in any part of the world. It’s essentially a massive online chat room for the MAGA crowd.


You are able to freely express what you believe on Truth Social apk, and in return, you will receive affection from a large number of other users. It feels like one big, happy family all rolled into one. In addition to this, the insider information that you obtain is not available anyplace else. In addition, you get input from a variety of sources as a result of the fact that TRUTHERS share knowledge gleaned from a wide variety of credible sources. Now is the time to make your life more vibrant by downloading this free program.
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