DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser


Developer: DuckDuckGo

Size: 55.4 MB

Version: 5.142.2

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Rating: 4.7

Category: Tools

About DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser App

DuckDuckGo is a browser app that lets users keep their personal information private when searching and browsing the Internet. The DuckDuckGo application offers seamless protections against third-party trackers, makes online privacy simple and available to everyone, and aims to satisfy internet users’ yearning for privacy in a time of data leaks.


Untracked Search

“Untracked Sarch” is DuckDuckGo’s best-known privacy feature. The vast majority of search engines keep track of data including the websites you visit, the things you search for, your IP address, information about your browser and device, and more. Data that has been anonymized can still be combined by businesses in order to track and identify individuals. Cookies and IP addresses are not stored or collected by DuckDuckGo. Because DuckDuckGo stores users’ searches in an anonymous format, the search engine won’t be able to connect them to you personally.

Privacy Grade

Privacy Grade is another DuckDuckGo extension and app feature. Privacy Grade warns you when a website is tracking your data. When you visit a website, DuckDuckGo enables Privacy Grade. The function then grades the website’s privacy from “A” to “F,” with “A” being the safest. DuckDuckGo shows privacy impacts. When it offers you a grade, it shows a bar with “Enhanced from _ to ” The original grade is in red, and DuckDuckGo’s privacy features modified it to green.

Burn Bar

The Burn Bar is a feature exclusive to the mobile version of DuckDuckGo. The Burn Bar permits you to dismiss tabs and wipe browsing data at the conclusion of each session. Because of this, DuckDuckGo will not keep any of your data on its servers, giving you full control over the content of your search history. Click the flame icon at the bottom of the screen to access the Burn Bar in the DuckDuckGo app.

Search Leakage Prevention

DuckDuckGo calls this “Search Leakage” to describe how other search engines link your data. Your web browser’s search engine sends data to the website you’re visiting whenever you click on a link. These data nuggets allow search engines and third-party websites to follow your activities. DuckDuckGo’s two solutions prevent this. First, DuckDuckGo reroutes your clicks to hide your trail. Second, DuckDuckGo encrypts websites you visit. DuckDuckGo essentially constructs a wall between you and the website with this method.


The DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser protects users’ personal information across the web by assigning each website a privacy grade that indicates how trustworthy it is. The DuckDuckGo app has standard features such as tabs, bookmarks, and autocomplete. Aside from privacy protection, the browser includes a Fire Button that allows users to remove all tabs and data with a single push.

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