Developer: Chime Financial, Inc.

Size: 247.1 MB

Version: 2019-09-13

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Rating: 4.8

Category: Finance

About Chime App

Chime is a mobile banking application that puts you in control. Your money will be protected by safety features, you will receive free overdrafts of up to $200*, and you will not be charged any monthly fees for receiving direct deposits of your paycheck.

Chime is a financial technology firm and not a traditional bank. Financial products and services offered by The Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank, National Association, both members of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

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Maintain complete command over your finances with real-time transaction notifications and daily balance updates. In addition to that, turn on two-factor authentication, and you can freeze your card with only one click.

High Amount

We understand that an overdraft fee is the last thing you need when your balance is low. Chime members who are eligible can enjoy up to $200 in free overdrafts on debit card transactions and ATM Withdrawals.

Say Goodbye To Monthly Payments.

You should not have to pay for your account. Chime charges no monthly fees, no minimum balance fees, and no foreign transaction costs. In addition, there are about 60k free ATMs at Walgreens, 7-Eleven, CVS, and other locations.

New Way

Improve your FICO score by an average of 30 points with Credit Builder by paying regularly and on time for gas or groceries. There is no interest, no yearly fee, and no credit check required.

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Pay Someone Without Incurring Any Transfer Costs.

Send money to friends, family, and roommates as quickly as you can text – there are no transfer fees.


The app is incredibly user-friendly and simple to utilize, making it possible to swiftly and effortlessly manage all of one’s accounts from their mobile device. In addition, the user care system is robust, meaning that the issue can be resolved in a timely and efficient manner. Overdraft fees are a thing of the past thanks to The Chime.
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