Spectrum TV

Spectrum TV

Developer: Charter/Spectrum

Size: 67.1 MB


Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Rating: 4.6

Category: Entertainment

About Spectrum TV

You can watch live and on-demand TV wherever you are, whenever you want with Spectrum TV. Using Spectrum TV, you can transform any screen into a large television on which to watch your preferred programs. Streaming of thousands of movies and television shows is supported by Spectrum TV. Through Spectrum TV, you are able to search for and record your preferred programs, as well as create your own preferences. In this way, Spectrum TV will be able to continue providing you with the programming and content that is of interest to you.


Any Screen Can Be Turend Into A TV

Watch live TV from any location where you have an internet connection.

Stream thousands of movies and TV series available on demand.

Chromecast allows you to send content from your mobile device or tablet to a TV that is compatible with the technology.

Take Control Of Both Your TV And Your DVR

Use your Spectrum Receiver to change the channels on your TV.

Find out when your favorite movies and series will be playing and record them (with optional DVR services).

Delete, edit, and play back recordings from your DVR on your television (compatible DVRs only).

Install Controls For Parents

To prevent children from viewing content that is inappropriate for them, activate the parental controls and create a PIN. The restrictions you configure will be applied to each and every device in your home.


The Spectrum TV app gives you access to more than 250 live channels and 30,000 live episodes of TV series to watch whenever you want. With the newly integrated features of your smartphone, you can take your Spectrum TV account with you everywhere you go. Connect your smartphone, laptop, TV, or tablet to your Spectrum TV account, and you’ll be able to view amazing shows in high-definition resolution on any of those devices.

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You can get the most out of your Spectrum TV experience, whether you’re at home or on the move, by downloading the Spectrum TV app. Stream on-demand content or live TV from any location, using any device. Start your incredible adventure today by downloading the Spectrum TV apk.

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